Running Program

Join likeminded cardio cravers 3 times a week for runs around San Antonio. Thursday and Sunday runs are now offered free to community members who want to run or walk in a group setting. 

Members who are interested in individualized running plans will receive personalized advice and coaching.

Price: $75/month (running only) | $125/month (All Access: Endura-Fit + Running)


TUESDAYS at 6 pm is our track workout. This workout will have you running 400s, 800s, 1200s, even mile repeats to increase speed and improve your heart rate. 


THURSDAYS at 6 pm runs are our mid-range run and will have you running 2-8 miles somewhere around town (with our group of course). This is a supported run with water and G2 located throughout the route. Meeting points vary as we like to keep the routes fresh and different, and get you to know San Antonio in a different way!  



SUNDAYS at 7 am is our long distance run! Sunday runs range from 4 to 22 miles (depending what you are training for) and, like Thursday runs, take place all around town. Long distance runs are also supported with water and G2 along the route.