Why Personal Training?

To achieve your fitness goals, a Personal Trainer will provide:


Get Fit SATX one-on-one Personal Trainers are degreed and/or certified professionals who are continuously in touch with the newest information, fitness research, technology and techniques to help achieve your goals.


Our personal trainers watch for proper form, helping to reduce the risk of injury. Your safety is a top priority at Get Fit SATX.


The best athletes in the world have coaches. Why? Because coaches make sure athletes use proper form and safe technique during all aspects of training. A positive change in technique, however small, can make a big difference in your performance.


You perform better when you are working with another person, especially someone who wants you to excel.

Time Efficiency

You save time by having a thorough workout, pre-planned by your personal trainer.

Accurate Progression of Routine

Your personal trainer can revise your program to maximize results and keep your workout fresh and motivating.


When you know your Get Fit SATX trainer will be there each week, ready and encouraging, you are more likely to take seriously this partnership for your personal fitness. It means a commitment from us and from you!



On-site: $65/hr

PT PACKAGES (can be paid monthly):

 • 3 months, 2 sessions/week (24 sessions total) - $1080
• 3 months, 3 sessions/week (36 sessions total) - $1620

           $45/hr, 3-month commitment